Nightwish: Singer and bassist Marko Hietala leaves the band

In an Instagram post, the bassist and singer of the metal band Nightwish, Marko Hietala (55), announced that he has decided to leave the band.

The Finn, who took over the male vocal parts alongside lead singer Floor Jansen, wrote in the post: “This life has not fulfilled me for a few years.” Managers and labels should claim too much money for themselves and distribute the profits unfairly among the artists. “We are the banana republic of the music industry,” he says in the emotional contribution.

“The past year forced me to stay home and think. And all of this left me very disillusioned, ”he explains his decision. He found out that he needed new inspiration and motivation to continue producing the music that his fans expect from him.

The musician also says that his fight against his chronic depression played a role in the decision. It is best for his health to take this step and leave the band.

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