Nintendo and Lego are reinventing the way to play Super Mario

Nintendo’s mascot comes to life in a new line of Lego boxes based on an interactive minifigure.

Lego and Nintendo join forces in “Reinventing the way to interact with Super Mario in the physical world”. In the line of sight, the release of a whole new range of Lego boxes called Lego Super Mario. At the heart of the mechanics, a figurine interactive Super Mario only delivered in the Mario Adventures Starter Pack (€ 59.99). It is the result of four years of development.

“The initial challenge was to integrate the DNA of the two companies into the product, to imagine a concept that only Lego and Nintendo could build together”, testifies Jonathan Bennink, designer of Lego Super Mario. “Stimulating creativity was another priority because, when you design a tech toy, it can quickly turn into a gadget that tires quickly. With Lego Super Mario, we rely on the imagination of children called upon to build levels before testing them and having them tested. ”

+ Below, the presentation video of Lego Super Mario:

Concretely, the starter box invites you to build Lego bricks to a level worthy of video games Super Mario. Between the starting brick and the finishing brick, you are free to place as you wish traps, bonuses and enemies. Once the course is assembled, you have sixty seconds to explore it brick by brick with the interactive Super Mario figure. The ten Extension sets increase the architectural possibilities tenfold, for example by adding Bowser’s castle to the level.

“We tested different versions of the concept with more than 150 children”, remembers Jonathan Bennink. “At one point, we were on a more Nintendo-oriented prototype, focused on the figurine, its movements, its jumps. But Lego fans lacked the construction dimension and that’s where we came up with the idea of ​​a starting point, an ending point and a level to build between these two points. Once we had that in hand, the children systematically answered that what they preferred was to build the level, then to test it. “

Lego tested different versions of Lego Super Mario by inviting 150 children to play and chat tables.


Two AAA batteries ensure the animation of the Lego Super Mario minifigure, its small speakers and its four LCD screens (eyes, mouth, stomach). It is the screen placed on the belly of the mustached plumber which relays the information dedicated to the stopwatch, the score, the bonus just collected. A small reader placed between Mario’s feet identifies the color and code printed on the interactive bricks and on the heads of enemies.

Chubby in video games, Super Mario is presented here in a form cubic. “We also tested a rounder Mario, but it badly represented his transition from the digital world to the Lego world”, says designer Jonathan Bennink. “It was more natural to design a square character, it was also more in line with the presence of the batteries and the screens which tend to be rectangular. Nintendo also insisted that Mario really look like he was built with Lego bricks. Its belly is also a part usually used for the hood of a car. “

Nintendo and Lego are reinventing the way to play Super Mario

The Super Mario interactive figurine connects via Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets.


For € 9.99, Super Mario is likely to change outfits and inherit new powers by purchasing one of the four boxes Costumes. Between the Starter pack (€ 59.99), ten Extension sets (from 19.99 to 99.99 €), the four Costumes (€ 9.99 each) and the ten Character packs (€ 3.99) each, the Lego Super Mario range is potentially a money pit. Price of the complete collection: 579,84€.

Small flat, the Lego Super Mario range is dependent a free application to install on a smartphone or tablet. She is the one who digitally distills assembly instructions and advice. She also tries to animate the community, by posting weekly challenges and by asking children to post photos of the levels they have imagined and assembled.

Nintendo and Lego are reinventing the way to play Super Mario

Assembly instructions are only available through a free app.


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