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If you have a console Nintendo Switch, you may be interested in following the company’s Twitter account. There, they publish the new games, the release dates and the announcements of the Nintendo Direct are also made.

On this occasion, it has been confirmed that on September 9 it will go on sale Splatoon 3, the next shooter in the franchise. The difference with other games of the genre is that it is about squids that have to fight in different arenas with paint weapons.

The team that paints the most terrain, both floor and walls, will be victorious. “Splatoon 3 will be running rivers of ink on Nintendo Switch starting September 9! Open your mouth with these new images of the territorial combat”, reads the official statement.

This announcement comes from the hand of the official trailer, where we can already see images of the gameplay. As we mentioned before, there are new scenarios, but we will also see new characters, special weapons and abilities such as shields.

Splatoon 3 trailer

On the other hand, Nintendo announced that starting today, April 22, the expansion Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion can be downloaded for free by Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

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