Nintendo to stop production of Nintendo 3DS family systems – news

Naturally in decline since the release of the Switch in March 2017, the Nintendo 3DS family is no longer officially produced by the Japanese manufacturer.

The information has recently been posted on the various international pages of the Nintendo site, for example in France with the mention “production of Nintendo 3DS family consoles has ceased”. “Games from Nintendo and third-party publishers on 3DS will remain available on the eShop, and in stores.”, said a spokesperson for the manufacturer in the columns of GamesIndustry.

Arrived in Europe in March 2011, the Nintendo 3DS has seen several variations over the years: Nintendo 3DS XL (July 2012), Nintendo 2DS (October 2013), New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL (February 2015), and New Nintendo 2DS XL (July 2017). A range which therefore stops at 75.87 million copies sold worldwide. A total that the Switch (61.44 million) should quickly catch up. The Game Boy Advance (81.51 million), the Game Boy (118.69 million) and the Nintendo DS (154.02 million) remain ahead.

In terms of games, the biggest successes of 3DS, in terms of sales, are Mario Kart 7 (18,71 millions), Pokémon X / Y (16,45 millions), Pokémon Sun / Moon (16,18 millions), Pokémon Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby (14,27 millions), New Super Mario Bros. 2 (13,34 millions), Super Mario 3D Land (12,70 millions), Animal Crossing : New Leaf (12,55 millions), Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (9,59 millions), Ultra-Sun / Ultra-Moon Pokémon (8.77 million) and Tomodachi Life (6,59 millions).

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