Nintendo’s application for the trademark Duck has been approved and has been squatted by many companies

[Global Network Technology Comprehensive Report]On May 23, according to information from a third-party organization, recently, the cute “DaDuck” with magical dubbing swept the Internet, and # 达达# rushed to the hot search.

It is reported that Da Duck is a character in the animation “Pokémon”. TV animation “Pokémon”, adapted from the Pokémon series of games. Now, Nintendo’s application for the trademark Duck has been approved.

The Tianyancha App shows that the trademark “Dada Duck” has been preemptively registered by many companies. The earliest application was in 2002. The applicants include Nintendo Co., Ltd., Wuhan Ankaixin Trading Co., Ltd., Luyi County Wanhe Tiancheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., etc. , of which more than 20 related trademarks have been successfully registered, and the international classification includes advertising sales, catering and accommodation, lamps and air conditioners, etc.

According to the data, “Pokémon” (ポケットモンスター) is a series of games developed by Game Freak and Creatures Co., Ltd. and published by Nintendo, which is part of the Pokémon series of media works. The original work was a Game Boy role-playing game released in Japan in 1996. The Pokémon series has been running through all generations of Nintendo handhelds. Games in the series are usually released in pairs (with distinctions), with remakes often appearing years after the original game’s release. The main series of games consists of role-playing games, and the games in the side series include other genres, such as action role-playing games, puzzle games, and electronic pets. The Pokémon series is the second-best-selling series of video games in the world, after Nintendo’s Mario series.

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