‘No excursion at night; Full responsibility rests with Heads of Institutions’- School Tours

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Education Minister V. Shivankutty has made it mandatory for all schools in the state to follow the advice to avoid traveling at night when going on an excursion. It has been decided that there should be no travel between 9 pm and 6 am.

Earlier it was directed that only vehicles from the list of tour operators approved by the tourism department should be used for the study trips. The Department of Public Education has issued more comprehensive instructions vide order dated March 2, 2020. Heads of Institutions are solely responsible for all travel.

Field trips should be relevant to children’s learning. The head teacher should be well informed about the comprehensive details of the trip. Students should also be informed about this in advance. Do not travel to dangerous places.

Teachers, children and vehicle staff should eliminate opportunities to use intoxicating substances. Sivankutty also asked to follow all the instructions of the transport department related to the moving vehicle.

English Summary: Directions By Minister V Sivankutty Regarding School Trips

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