No maple syrup shortage in sight in Gaspésie

The quantities of maple syrup keep decreasing in the only reserve of this product in the world.

“This year at the start of the season, we had approximately 100 million pounds of stored in the strategic reserve which is located in Laurierville in Center-du-Québec. As production has been average and demand is growing, this means that we get more money than we have drawn in recent years from the reserve, ”explains the spokesperson for Producers and Producers of Maple Syrup of Quebec, Hélène Normandin.

Will we run out of syrup in the province soon? That is the question. However, this situation does not worry producers in the Gaspé, who even view this decrease in stocks favorably.

“For me personally, the company doesn’t affect us, but it’s a good thing that the reserve is going down. Sales in the industry are really good. […] There are new slashes that will be granted. So the industry is in good health, it’s a good thing that the reserve is moving, ”says Érablière Escuminac owner Martin Malenfant.

“No, personally it doesn’t affect me because I’m not a distributor. I distribute a little, but locally speaking, ”assures the owner of the Maison de l’Érable located in Cascapedia-Saint-Jules.

With an average of 3.32 pounds of maple syrup per tap, the Gaspé region had a very good harvest in 2021, unlike the rest of Quebec.

“In fact, it was the region in 2021 that was the most productive in terms of yield,” adds Hélène Normandin.

“There is no shortage of maple syrup, precisely because my reserves were sufficient to provide for my customers,” says Mr. Malenfant.

“I still have a few barrels to go until the new season, I should not miss it,” said Jeannot Leblanc.

The decrease in quantities in the global reserve will have no impact on prices according to the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers.

“There is no change in price, it is again one of the objectives of the reserve to stabilize these prices”, assures the spokesperson Hélène Normandin.

Martin Malenfant believes, however, that there could be long-term fluctuations: “Demand is growing strongly and inventories are low, so the price of syrup will probably go up. “

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