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It would be the only person in whom the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, trust. So much so that Kim Yo Jongher younger sister, would be in charge of handling certain “general state affairs” of great importance, as are relationships with South Korea y USA.

Little is known about her due to the secrecy with which the North Korean leadership is handled. I know knownhowever, who lived next to the leader in Bern (Switzerland) and who studied computer science at Kim Il Sung Military University. But little or nothing else is confirmed.

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The BBC tells that his first public appearance was in 2010, “during the congress of the Workers’ Party, where he appeared next to his father”. Only in 2014 did she begin to accumulate power when, according to the same medium, he took over as deputy director of the Department of Propaganda and Agitation.

Since then, Kim Yo Jong It has caused more than one controversy. Here we recall some of them.

1. “Tragic scene”

In 2018 there was a great rapprochement between the two Koreas. So much so that a building was built on the Kaesong border that served as a liaison office between the two nations that are still at war. But the good relations ended overnight in 2020, when deserter groups” they sent messages to the north, unleashing the fury of Kim Yo-jong.

So, she threatened to destroy the building. On June 13 of that year and annoyed by the “propaganda anti-Pyongyang”, Kim declared what “in a short time, a tragic scene would be seen from the useless joint North-South liaison office”.

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And he kept his word on the 16th of that month.

In addition, account RTNorth Korea interrupted “all lines of communication between the two Korean sides, in line with the indignant voice of the population that demands to collect the price of the intolerable misdeed committed by human scum and their accomplices”, according to his official news agency.

2. “Gangster logic”

At the beginning of 2021, Kim Jong-un announced that yes USA showed no interest in talking to North Korea -according to EFE, to Washington interested in negotiating with Pyongyang with a view to the denuclearization of the Asian country, but everything was frozen in 2019-, it would begin to test its weapons. That’s how it went: for March, Kim toyed with ballistic missiles.

In response, the South Korean President Moon Jae-in criticized the actions and described them as “undesirable” because they make “the atmosphere for dialogue is difficult”.

Later, Kim Yo Jong took the floor and accused to apply the samegangster logic” than the United States. Furthermore, he pointed out the inconsistency of questioning their military maneuvers when they did the same.

3. “Crime against humanity”

At the beginning of August and almost at the same time as North Korea sang victory over him coronavirus -According to them, they managed to eradicate the COVID-19Kim Yo Jong charged that the outbreak of the disease had been caused by South Korea.

The AFP agency reports that, in the same places on the border where North Korean dissidents usually send “balloons with propaganda and US dollars to the other side”, objects were found”alien”.

So there was no doubt in their minds: the neighbors were committing a “crime against humanity” by sending the disease back to them.

In response Kim held that if the southerners continued down that path, they would reply “not only eradicating the virus, but also the South Korean authorities”.

4. “The height of the absurd”

It is the last outburst of Kim Yo Jong. This week the South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, presented a plan in which he offered North Korea energy, infrastructure and food in exchange for abandoning its nuclear program.

Kim Yo Jong He described the promise asthe height of absurdity”.

Thinking that the plan to exchange ‘economic cooperation’ for our honor, our nuclear weapons, is Yoon’s big dream, hope and plan, we realize that it is really simple and still childish”, he said according to the official press of the regime.

And I add: “It has become clear to us that we will not sit face to face with him […] No one trades their fate for cornbread”.

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