North of Montpellier / Viols-le-Fort: autopsies after the death of the gendarme and the policeman

Julien Klépandy, warrant officer at Sdis 34 was 45 years old (©Sdis 34)

Of the autopsies were ordained this Wednesday, after theassassination of a firefighter and the policeman’s suicide suspected of having shot him, Viols-le-Fort, 25 km north of Montpellier, as Metropolitan revealed it exclusively on Tuesday evening. The investigation is ongoing.

The autopsy of the bodies of the professional warrant officer assigned to the barracks of Montaubérou-Millénaire (Max Dormoy), aged 45, and of the gendarme on duty at the community of brigades -COB- of Ganges, aged 32, will allow to confirm the forensic findings made last night in the villa of the tragedy: around 7:15 p.m., the neighbors heard a banging many gunshots, believing it to be fighter shots at first. But a neighboring neighbor informed the 17.

Eight bullets fired

Around 8 p.m., the gendarmes of Saint-Martin-de-Londres and Saint-Mathieu-de-Trviers of the Lodève company discovered two bodies bathed in pools of blood: the firefighter lying behind the front door, shot dead by 7 5.56 caliber bullets fired with a assault rifle, the gendarme lying on the sofa, who killed himself with the same formidable weapon with a single projectile. They died instantly.


All night, an incessant ballet of fire engines, the Smur-Samu, the gendarmerie, including the van of the scientific technicians the criminal identification unit of the Hérault group, stirred up this quiet village to the west of Pic Saint-Loup.


It is confirmed this Wednesday evening that the gendarme had lived in concubinage with an anesthesiologist volunteer firefighter to the health service of Sdis 34, recently working in a private clinic on the western outskirts of Montpellier, after having been on duty at the University of Montpellier. Recently, she had broken up with him to move in with this warrant officer of the firefighters of the Sdis de l’Hérault.

Termination of public action

The soldier who could not stand this separation would have brooded over his vengeance, seeing the firefighter as a rival, before taking action on Tuesday evening, while the anesthesiologist was absent in his property in Viols-le-Fort. She finished her shift an hour later. Since then, she has been in shock.

The investigation is continuing, but the legal proceedings are expected to be dropped due to termination of public action due to the deaths of the alleged killer and the victim.

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