Norway is considering a recommendation to wear two masks at the same time

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Norway may recommend residents to wear two masks at the same time

The spread of aerosol through two masks is reduced by 90%, studies have shown. This can help fight the epidemic.

In Norway, the government is considering a recommendation for residents to wear two masks. About it reports on Thursday 11 February.

The Norwegian Ministry of Health is considering such recommendations based on research from the United States. American scientists tracked how much air or aerosols spread through two masks or a mask and a napkin, through one medical mask or one cloth bandage.

As it turned out, the spread of aerosol through two masks or through a mask and a napkin is reduced by 90%, while in other cases this figure was 42 and 44.3%.

In Norway, it may now be advisable to wear double protection on the face so that the inner mask fits more closely to the nose and mouth, reducing the escape of air and fluids.

Recall that in the European Union, 1.5% of the population was vaccinated… Certain restrictive measures due to coronavirus may remain in force in 2022, according to the European Commission.

It was also reported that nearly 130 countries remain without COVID vaccines… The leaders of the World Health Organization and UNICEF called this a failed strategy.

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