“Not everyone has to go to university”

2023-10-15 16:48:19

This Saturday in We can talk, Sol Pérez referred to the strong discussion he had with Javier Milei when he was not yet a presidential candidate. The journalist said that “she didn’t like it at all” that they resumed that tense moment in the program People giving their opinion and Graciela Alfano went out to the intersection.

With the libertarian’s candidacy, many archive notes and interviews resurfaced, including the strong fight between Pérez and Milei in 2019 over the solidarity action that Juan Carr did when he opened the Monumental stadium to help and receive homeless people.

“The discussion was about that. I am not against taxes. What she said was that it was okay to pay them if they went where they had to go and Mieli was against that because she said that she was stealing from you,” Sol pointed out at Andy Kusnetzoff’s table.

According to the model, the fight is in the past, but she regrets that it is still used as a tool for the libertarian’s campaign. “The truth is that I congratulate him because he made a career and there are people who choose him. I believe a lot in democracy. It was a long time ago, but they lifted it now. I didn’t like it at all,” she exclaimed.

Graciela Alfano launched a strong controversy about public education

The influencer assured that both grew up in totally different environments and that caused them to develop opposing thoughts about the human, economic and political development of the country. “We were invited to a program. He had one opinion, I had a completely different opinion and a discussion ensued. It wasn’t much more than that, but they used it politically. I didn’t like that,” she expressed.

Then, the model thanked the public university because thanks to it she was able to study since her parents would not have been able to pay for her to pursue her degree. At that moment, Graciela Alfano came out and assured that only “intelligent” people should access higher education.

“The country is not producing. We have to get a country going. For that you need intelligence. It’s very simple. I understand that everyone should be able to go to university, but you know, for example, that there is also a need for artisans, people in the countryside… Not everyone has to go to university,” she said.

And then he added: “You put people who suddenly don’t have the capacity into a free university. And do you know what happens? They are not received. And when they are not received, the country loses money. And you know what else happens, people who have money send their children to study abroad. “Then it’s dollars on top of it!”

According to Alfano, “intelligence is needed not only to say concepts, but to analyze them in depth.” Andy Kusnetzoff asked Graciela if she knew who she was voting for and she said yes, but she didn’t mention her name.

“If this is not solved, there is this crack, the hatred in society, the poverty that is the business of all politics, it is an atomic bomb,” she expressed indignantly. “And the person you are going to vote for, does he convince you or are you voting for the least worst?” asked Andrea Rincón. After a long silence, the exveditte He responded: “I’m not going to answer.” “It’s clear,” said the driver.


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