Nothing launches its ultra-cheap and powerful connected watch

2023-09-30 08:15:00

CMF, the economic sub-brand announced by Nothing last August, launched its first products. It’s about a connected watch Nothing, a pair of headphones and a GaN charger.

This triple release of new gadgets is designed to accompany Nothing’s already popular line of smartphones. Contrasting the minimalist, monochromatic ethos of affordable handsets while keeping costs remarkably low. The first product on the agenda is a svelte and stripped-down smartwatch.

The Watch Pro, the connected watch from Nothing

The connected watch created by Nothing takes the two-tone aesthetic of the Phone 1 while bringing a touch of color with a bracelet orange vif.

It is equipped with a 1.96-inch AMOLED display and a Integrated GPS. on battery can last up to 13 days. And she can passer et receive callsprovided that it is connected to a phone via Bluetooth. However, it doesn’t seem to have access to an app store.

The device is largely health-focused, with various features. He can take heart rate of its user in real time or its oxygen saturation level in the blood. And it is very easy to know the sleep and stress levels of the wearer of the smartwatch.

Then she gives hydration reminders and of movement if you often forget to perform these actions in a day.

A smartwatch that goes very well with new headphones

Its current price makes Nothing’s connected watch one of the most affordable portable devices on the market. Being able to quickly sync with your phone, it is a very practical fitness tracker.

But since it is all the more pleasant to do sports while listening to music, it is preferable to have this smartwatch and the headphones that go with it. THE Buds Pro are just the new ones CMF headphones. And they’re great for listening to music.

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They offer up to 45 dB of active noise cancellation. They are in fact composed of a system managed by an algorithm. Their openings are at the top of each earbud. This minimizes sound interference caused by wind. By wearing them and binder via Bluetooth to your smartwatchyou will be able to follow more than 110 sports and activities.

Nothing also releases a charger

Finally, CMF also launched a 65W GaN charger. It is equipped with two USB-C ports and a port USB-A. Like all devices of this type, its main function is to restore energy to your Nothing connected watch or your smartphone. It is quite specific, because it has the ability to carry the battery of a Nothing Phone 2 to 50% in just 25 minutes.

This range of products will undoubtedly experience great success given that they are very affordable. Nothing will first start by selling the connected watch, headphones and this charger in limited quantities in India and the United Kingdom on September 30. But these devices will soon be available for sale in other markets.

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