Nothing will be given to them; Caste abuse comment, director with reply

Caste abuse comment once morest director Arunraj who shared a photo with actor Mammootty. The comment was that Pulayans will not be given mammuka dates to anyone. After this, Arunraj responded through social media. The other day, Arun shared a photo with the title ‘Baki Bakhbe’. The abusive comment came below this post.

‘Is this Arun Raj? Is this person in black going to direct the film with Mammootty? Pulayans will not give mammuka date to anyone. They are our slaves forever. Go and do some wage work, Mr Pulayan’, was the comment of one. Arun Raj shared the screen shot of this and Arun Raj came up with the answer.

Arunraj’s note:

Dear friends…
With great sadness, today I put up a post from our beloved Mammooka. Everyone will see. I hope everyone will see a comment below it, I am posting the screenshot here for those who haven’t seen it. I am proud to say that I am a Pulayan, I have not hidden my caste, religion or color anywhere, knowing my caste and religion, I have made four films, the producers and the directors have all stood by me. The upcoming Mammooka movie is also the same, I know Mammooka personally, he is a person who sees everyone the same regardless of caste and religion. So there is no problem for me and my film. And I clearly know what is the problem and who is doing this. Because before this, we have to hear and see criticism in many ways. If it happens once more, don’t react in this way. I have come here with a lot of hard work. It is a request not to break it.. Thank you very much to all those who have been with me…

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Eng­lish Sum­ma­ry: caste abuse com­ment on direc­tor arun­raj s post with mammootty
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