Novak Djokovic beats Grigor Dimitrov at Australian Open 2023

Think what you want, get bogged down in phobias and conspiracy theories, but if you do, you are missing out on a true legend such as he is. Novak Djokovic. The Serbian continues to amaze the world with an unusual capacity for adaptation, an amazing capacity and practically unprecedented in the world of sport to overcome any type of adversity and win against some of the best in the world despite not being 100% physically. Being able to resolve his duel against Grigor Dimitrov is one more of the many epics that he has signed in the Rod Laver Arenabeing able to further enlarge its historical figure in this Open the Australia 2023, in which he has already reached the round of 16. The end result was 7-6 (6) 6-3 6-4 in favor of a Djokovic who will face Alex de Minaur in the next round and, of course, to his ailments as well.

Everyone seemed more aware of the Serb’s left leg than of the game itself, and the big problem for Dimitrov is that he seemed to be part of that rope. No one should be surprised anymore by Novak’s ability to perform at a stellar level despite showing obvious red flags and in the primer set There were dramatic moments that, perhaps for less experienced spectators or those who do not know Serbian at all, could lead to the thought that it would be impossible for the game to end. A memorable battle between the two players broke out, lasting 77 minutes, in which Djokovic came to dominate 5-3 and had breaking balls to close the set. The Bulgarian reacted fiercely, who also had three opportunities to win, but the magic of the legends emerged strongly and in a memorable tiebreak, the Balkan laid the first stone.

Djokovic requested medical assistance and fell to the ground several times with signs of pain

Stretching, grimacing in pain, requested medical attention, but above all, a superhero who overcame all these adversities and absolutely stunned a Dimitrov who lost the focus of the game. He did very well in the opening set, but not winning it was a huge setback for a man as characterized by his graceful and talented game as he was by his lack of bite and competitive intelligence. The Bulgarian’s precipitation arrived, the senseless errors, the lack of leg speed to dominate with his drive and the lack of power backhands that gave Novak the possibility of imposing his law. Djokovic began to feel somewhat better, he moved with more ease and was the owner of a second sleeve that showed Dimitrov’s miseries, which have diminished his sports career so much.

Everything that happened in the third set was even more painful and cruel for the Bulgarian, seeing himself completely surpassed by a Djokovic in whom unmistakable signs of pain reappeared. This did not prevent him from completely dismasting his opponent, lacking in ideas at a tactical level and playing jerkily, without any logical structure in the choice of blows. This led him to see himself with a double break against up to two occasions, both with 3-0 and with 4-1. However, he solidified himself as Novak struggled more and more physically and managed to hang on to the match. He brought out his intangibles from the Serbian champion to clip the wings in the eighth game to a Grigor who seemed to see the light.

The tenth game seemed like an ultimatum for Novak Djokovic given its obvious problems, which seemed to get worse by the minute. He relied on great services to overthrow a Grigor Dimitrov very tied to the track and who recovered the best version of him when he found himself on the brink of the abyss. He reached the goal with just enough, but he arrived and that can only be done in these circumstances, players made of a different material, superheroes capable of achieving unimaginable successes for any other mortal. He is already in the round of 16 of the Open the Australia 2023 and anything can happen.

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