Nutritionist Panova explained how men should eat after 50

What to eliminate or minimize

An excess of salty foods reduces vascular tone, which is fraught with pressure surges and the development of hypertension. For a middle aged man the daily salt intake is about 5 grams is about a teaspoon without a slide. After 50 years, this volume should be gradually reduced.

In addition, it is important to consider that not only the salt with which we season the dishes, but also the salt contained in purchased products falls under the daily dosage. Therefore, it is definitely better to say “no” to canned food, store-bought sausages, smoked meats and semi-finished products.

Practice shows that men often turn out to be much more sweet tooth than women. But the amount of sugar that a young metabolism can handle is completely unsuitable for those who have crossed the threshold of 50 years.

Regularly leaning on sweets, a man exposes his body to risk of developing insulin resistance – Decreased sensitivity to insulin. This is already fraught with type 2 diabetes. Finally, sweetness promotes manifestation abdominal obesitywhen fat is concentrated in the waist area. Although it is customary to call such a belly “beer”, it grows to a greater extent precisely from excess sugar.

Fried foods should also be kept to a minimum. This method of cooking, especially if oil is not spared in the cooking process, is direct path to atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases. Therefore, instead of frying, you should give preference to baking, boiling and steaming dishes.

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