Oberndorf: Five-year-old discovered fire at night, family rescued from balcony

2023-11-09 06:06:24

A fire broke out on Thursday night in a residential building on Uferstrasse in Oberndorf. The ground floor was on fire and the family had escaped to the balcony.

The Oberndorf fire department was alerted at 1:47 a.m.: A massive fire had broken out on the ground floor of a single-family house, three people were trapped on the first floor by the fire and massive smoke. The flames shot out of the kitchen window.

The five-year-old daughter discovered the fire and woke up the parents, it said Sending out the fire brigade. The father tried unsuccessfully to get to the ground floor. He then fled to the balcony with his partner and child. The kitchen burned down completely and the entire house was badly damaged by the smoke.

The family was quickly brought to safety

While a respiratory protection team immediately went to fight the fire, the residents were brought to safety via the ladder and handed over to the Red Cross – basically uninjured, as the Oberndorf fire department wrote in its broadcast.

The Oberndorf fire department was on duty with 35 members and six vehicles. A total of four respiratory protection teams were deployed to fight the fire and extinguish the fire, with the fire being declared off at 2:15 a.m. The cleanup work lasted until around 4:30 a.m.

A total of one high-pressure and one C hollow jet pipe were used. The executive branch was on site with two vehicles, the Red Cross with one vehicle and an operations manager.

The executive branch will begin investigating the cause in the morning.

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