October 11, 1973: The Austrian behavioral scientists Karl von Frisch and Konrad Lorenz and the Dutchman Nikolaas Tinbergen receive the Nobel Prize

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On Wednesday, October 11th, the book of history records, among other things:

1878: Beginning of the energy industry in Austria: A direct current machine supplies the Krupp industrial plants in Berndorf in Lower Austria with electrical energy.
1913: In Mexico, the army arrests 110 senators and congressmen on the orders of President Victoriano Huerta.
1918: Germany declares its willingness to vacate the occupied territories on the Western Front in order to bring about a ceasefire.
1928: The German airship “LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin” takes off from Friedrichshafen to fly to the USA. After 111 hours it lands in Lakehurst.
1938: The German Hans Knappertsbusch, most recently general music director in Munich, becomes director of the Vienna State Opera.
1943: The drama “Sodom and Gomorrah” by Jean Giraudoux premieres in Paris.
1943: Wehrmacht Lieutenant Colonel Julius Schlegel, an Austrian, arranges for the art treasures of the Italian Benedictine Abbey of Monte Cassino to be transported to the Vatican at his own risk.
1948: In China, communist troops conquer Jinan (Tsinan), the capital of the important coastal province of Shandong (Schantung).
1953: Olivier Messiaen’s orchestral piece “Réveil des oiseaux” is premiered in Donaueschingen. The work processes bird calls recorded between midnight and noon.
1958: Launch of the American moon rocket “Pioneer”. It reaches a flight altitude of 128,000 kilometers (distance to the moon 366,300 km).
1963: The United Nations General Assembly condemns the oppression of the black majority of the population and the inhumane apartheid system in South Africa.
1963: German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer announces his resignation after fourteen years in office.
1968: With the launch of the Apollo 7 space capsule (returning October 22nd), the USA begins its program to conquer the moon.
1973: The Austrian behavioral scientists Karl von Frisch and Konrad Lorenz receive the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology together with the Dutchman Nikolaas Tinbergen.
1983: Federal President Rudolf Kirchschläger arrives on a state visit to the GDR.
1983: A team of surgeons from the Innsbruck University Hospital under Raimund Margreiter carries out the first heart transplant in Austria in an eight-hour operation.
1998: Pope John Paul II canonizes the convert and nun Edith Stein, who was murdered in Auschwitz: the first canonization of a Catholic of Jewish descent in church history.
2008: North Korea agrees to a strict inspection of its nuclear facilities and in return will be removed from the US list of terrorist sponsors.
The Carinthian state governor Jörg Haider dies in a car accident at night. The BZÖ boss was driving at excessive speed and under the influence of alcohol when he drove off the road near Klagenfurt.
2008: The literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki refuses to accept the honorary award of the German Television Prize because of his criticism of the lower level of TV entertainment, thereby triggering a scandal.
2018: In fulfillment of a VfGH ruling, the ÖVP and FPÖ stipulate that in future marriage and registered partnerships will be open to both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Birthdays: Ferdinand Gotthold Eisenstein, German mathematician (1823-1852); Georg Bilgeri, Eastern alpine ski pioneer, ski educator (1873-1934); Karl Buresch, Eastern Politician, Federal Chancellor (1878-1936); Hans Söhnker, German actor (1903-1981); Emilio Greco, Italian sculptor (1913-1995); Jerome Robbins, US choreographer (1918-1998).
Days of death: Pope Boniface VIII (Benedetto Caetani) (1235-1303); Bartolomeo Montagna, Italian painter (1450-1523); Max Jakob Friedländer, German art historian (1867-1958); Jean Cocteau, French writer (1889-1963); Jess Thomas, US tenor (1927-1993); Jörg Haider, Eastern Politician (1950-2008).
Name days: Bruno, Guntmar, Ethelburg, Burkhard, Nikosius, Jakob, Rudolf, Alexander, Bibiane, Edda.

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