“Octopus Card Company Offers Triple Discounts with Coupons and Value-Added Values”

2023-05-31 20:31:57

Coupon Gan Zhishen

The second phase of consumer coupons will be distributed on July 16, 2023, and citizens will be allowed to “transfer”. Facing the huge consumption power of 13 billion yuan, all electronic payment platforms are competing for customers, hoping to attract the most users. After BoC Pay and WeChat Pay HK announced that there will be money to pay for the transfer, the Octopus card company also announced a triple discount yesterday, including a maximum value-added value of 100 yuan for new customers and transfer vouchers. At the same time, more than 1 million cash coupons will be distributed. There is no minimum consumption requirement, and new and old customers who receive consumption coupons through Octopus can receive them. In addition, the Octopus card company revealed that the value-added limit for receiving government funds has been increased to more than 3,000 yuan. At present, the test has been roughly completed and will be announced in due course.

The Octopus Card Company announced that those who newly register consumption coupons and transfer to Octopus, register and use Octopus to receive the second phase of consumption coupons during the promotion period, and register the Octopus in the Octopus App, they can get an Octopus value-added value of 50 yuan. For mobile Octopus registration, you can get a value-added value of RMB 100.

In addition, Octopus and Haoshangdu merchants launched a series of flash cash rewards, distributing a total of 1 million cash coupons, with a total value of more than 7.5 million yuan, including McDonald’s free Singland coupons at the original price of 10.5 yuan, and Tanzai Sange rice noodle 8 yuan cash coupons , there is no minimum consumption requirement for use, and the coupons can be collected through the Octopus App on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last, and each person can only get one coupon per day. The company partners with shopping malls and merchants to launch a series of merchant coupons with a total value of more than 100 million yuan.

The upper limit of added value is increased to more than 3,000 yuan. The arrangement is coming to an end

Acting CEO of Octopus Gan Zhishen pointed out that at present, nearly 70% of citizens choose to use Octopus to receive consumption vouchers, and more than half of them have used up the consumption vouchers of the previous period, and most of them are expected to be used up by the end of this month. It means that the current consumption vouchers have no expiry date on Octopus, but citizens are encouraged to use them as soon as possible to stimulate the economy. With regard to the arrangement for increasing the value-added cap of receiving government funds to more than $3,000, he pointed out that it is coming to an end, and news will be announced as soon as possible.

In addition, Octopus is promoting taxis to receive payment with Octopus. At present, more than 20,000 taxi drivers use Octopus to receive payment, which is about double the number of more than 10,000 before the expiry date of the voucher.

In addition to Octopus, other payment platforms have also launched different promotions. For example, BoC Pay announced that new and existing customers who successfully receive the second phase of consumer vouchers with BoC Pay can enjoy a cash reward of 100 yuan, and can also snap up selected super products at a flash sale price as low as 1 yuan. value products, etc. New registration or transfer customers of WeChat Pay HK can get a total value of 50 yuan electronic cash coupons, and enjoy 5 lucky draw opportunities, up to 98 yuan 1 e-cash coupon, etc. Alipay Hong Kong said it has a rewards program, details to be announced.

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