Oculus: the multi-account arrives on the Quest 2!

After many requests, Oculus will launch multi-account functionality and app sharing on its Quest 2 devices, starting February 13.

Credits: Facebook

Oculus will introduce two new features that will thrill VR gamers, since they are two of the updates most requested by the community. First, Oculus will make it possible to connect to multiple accounts on a single headset. To do this, each user must have their own Facebook account, since Oculus accounts will no longer be able to be used to connect to the headset as of 2023. The accounts that will be added following this update will be identified as secondary accounts. Each account will therefore have access to its personal achievements and its own game progress.

The second new thing that is coming is application sharing. A primary account will be able to share its purchases with secondary accounts connected on the same device. At the moment, the sharing function can only be activated on one headset at a time, and subsequently will be extended to 3 devices. Oculus expects the purchase of VR headsets to become more democratic and that there will soon be several per household. It is also important to note that a secondary account can make its own purchases on the shared device but these cannot be shared, neither with the main account, nor with the secondary accounts. The main account of a headset can always only be changed by resetting the device.

Oculus explains that these new features promote secure sharing and therefore prevent piracy. They hope that these two features will help expand the VR gaming community and meet the demands of Quest users. These two features will first be released on Quest 2 starting February 13, and after receiving user feedback, Oculus plans to bring them to all Quest users. This announcement from Oculus contains only good news, which will delight many families in whom the VR headset went from head to head without allowing everyone a truly unique and optimal experience.

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