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TIJUANA- It is one of the main attractions in terms of health tourism in Baja California, particularly in Tijuana. But after the unfortunate events where there was patients who lost their lives with quack doctors, aesthetic medicine professionals have suffered an adverse effect.

Well, the trust in patients on the other side of the border, they said that it is no longer the same.

“Everyone pays for one, discredit, reputation, if it is affected a little bit,” said Hermes Ávila, doctor and certified plastic surgeon.

In this year, according to the Commission against Sanitary Risks, 22 establishments have been suspended by Coepris for various irregularities. Among them two clinics, where patients lost their lives after cosmetic surgery.

Something that has impacted certified surgeons like Ávila.

“If there was a decrease, we do not have the exact percentage, but the number of patients who require surgery, in this case plastic, reconstructive, or aesthetic, if there was a little more fear and an affectation in the confidence of coming to our country. to carry out these types of procedures,” said Ávila.

And it is that quack doctors and unregulated establishments continue to put people’s health at risk. Well, the number of patients who come to try to remedy unwanted results is increasing.

“People who do plasma where they cut hair, etc., where they put nails and if we have solved problems mainly in the lips, the number one, the most frequent, they leave them with little balls, low-quality products,” said Carlos Alemán, a doctor city ​​aesthetic.

Well, as the saying goes, cheap is expensive, since offers at a lower price in this type of procedure can be derived from the quality of products used in patients.

“That’s the offer, $300 against $100, so they tend to go to these places for $200 less,” he added.

For this reason, Coepris started with a state registry of establishments that provide health and wellness services, the (REPSSABI), a registry for all establishments that perform surgical procedures for aesthetic purposes that seeks to provide certainty to local and foreign residents.

Erwin Areizaga, commissioner of Coepris in Baja California, pointed out that this registry will be very useful to give certainty to go to health professionals.

“This is going to be of great help both for us as an institution, and obviously already entering the benefit sector for the population, to give certainty and peace of mind to those who at one point go to see a doctor in some establishment that that space, well, It is up to date with its compliance regulations ”, he highlighted.

Currently there is a register of about 1,000 establishments that provide various services in different specialties.

In Baja California, verification operations continue in aesthetic medicine clinics.

According to the state tourism secretary, 2,900,000 people come to the region with the purpose of undergoing some aesthetic treatment, therefore, together with the health secretary, they help with this digital registry.

“So that they register and we can go out and promote with greater certainty that medical and welfare services for visitors comply with health regulations,” José Quiñones, undersecretary of tourism, told TELEMUNDO 20.

Otherwise, not only the work of professionals is affected, but also the health and lives of patients are put at risk when it falls into the wrong hands, as mentioned by Jeffrey Romero, a member of the College of Bariatrics.

“What we as a school want all those clinics that do not have permits, that do not have anything valid, to be eliminated; we do things well, we are all going to have more work, Tijuana is going to grow more and surgeons see us much better and also the population and all the patients, which is ultimately the goal”, he pointed out.

According to Coepris, the operations are permanent in the different establishments with health professionals to verify the conditions in which they are operating in the city of Tijuana and in the rest of the municipalities.

So far in the city Tijuana, two clinics remain suspended.

This registry of aesthetic medicine in the region will be disseminated through the electronic media of Coepris, the Secretary of Health and the Secretary of Tourism of the state for those who are looking for a safe place and with certified professionals to carry out an aesthetic procedure in Tijuana.

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