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[The Epoch Times, July 30, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Wen Hui compiled and reported) With themonkeypoxcase inLos Angeles CountyContinuing to increase, health officials and public figures have come forward to call attention to monkeypox.

According to CBSLA, actor Matt Ford recentlymonkeypoxrecovered and reported the situation at the time. “I have more and more lesions on my body,” he said on Wednesday (July 27). “I have it on my arms, my feet, my shoulders, my scalp, and I counted more than 25 in total. The worst is , these are excruciatingly painful.”

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County health officials said more than 24,000 doses had been receivedmonkeypox vaccine, will be released as soon as possible by Sunday. People can call the gay-related LGBTQ center in Long Beach for information on monkeypox. There have been 12 cases of monkeypox in Long Beach.

As of Monday,Los Angeles CountyThere have been 162 known cases, all in men, up from 120 last week. Los Angeles County also confirmed that the virus has spread locally, and some patients have no recent travel history.

LA County has been slowly expanding its response to JYNNEOSmonkeypox vaccineuse, but supply remains extremely limited. In a motion submitted to the supervisory board on Tuesday, supervisors Hilda Solis and Janice Hahn noted that future vaccine supplies remain uncertain.

“With current supplies, it is estimated that only 5% to 10% of the population who wants to be vaccinated will be able to get it,” the motion said. spread, we need additional vaccine supplies to expandVaccinationEligibility, prevent further spread, and provide effective treatment for those already exposed to the virus. “

The motion also said that some community health providers reported that implementingMonkeypox detectionVaccinationand treatment reimbursement is too low to support their work. In addition, providers remain concerned about their ability to serve uninsured populations without special funding.

The motion calls for Los Angeles County to send federal health authorities a letter signed by all five supervisors asking for increased vaccine supplies in Los Angeles County, along with a national effort to increase vaccine production and establish “sustainable levels of reimbursement…” used forMonkeypox detection, vaccination and treatment. “

In Los Angeles County, people who have been identified by the Department of Public Health as having high-risk exposure to known monkeypox patients, as well as those who have visited an infected site, can be vaccinated against monkeypox. The county will notify them.

Los Angeles County also recently expanded eligibility for residents to receive vaccines from their health care provider, either through referral from a health care provider or through self-referral to a vaccine clinic, if they meet certain criteria.

If an eligible person does not have a health care provider or if their provider does not administer the vaccine, they can make an appointment at a designated vaccine clinic (some do not require an appointment), information can be found List of monkeypox vaccination

Last week, the county also launched a website for residents to fill out an online form to find out if they are eligible for the vaccine. Those who register on the site and are eligible will receive a text message when the vaccine becomes available, which will provide the vaccination address.the website

The vaccine requires two doses, so an extra supply will be reserved for a second dose for the first-time population. ◇

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