Offshoot of Mulliez Family and BCG in Legal Battle over Fees: Inside the Consulting Industry

2023-06-06 15:37:37

MAGALI COHEN / Hans Lucas via AFP

In the polished environment of strategy consulting, this is the kind of conflict that rarely occurs. And is rumored even less. According to our information, an offshoot of the Mulliez family and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have come to blows – of justice, of course – for a sad story of fees to be paid. While the northern merchants had called on the famous firm to relaunch their textile brands, they chose to interrupt the contract before its expiry. Brought before the Lille Commercial Court, they were ordered to pay 8.6 million euros in rebate to BCG, in addition to the 6.7 million already paid. A funny file, which reveals, in passing, the (expensive) rates of the consulting company. Crisp.

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