Ohey: the driver did not see the motorcyclist when turning, he is seriously injured

While a driver coming from Andenne marked her intention to turn towards the parking lot of the trade, undergoing a strong crowd, this one, probably embarrassed by the sun, did not see a motorcyclist arriving and struck him.

The motorcyclist was ejected and slid to the ground for about fifteen meters.

The emergency services, made up of two ambulances, including one from the Andenne station of the NAGE rescue zone and one from the Dinaphi rescue zone of the Cinacien station, converged on the spot. A beaconing vehicle from the Andenne post also intervened, joined by the SMUR of CHR Huy and two teams from the Arches police zone.

Long conditioned on the spot, the biker, seriously affected, was taken to the hospital of the Citadel.

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