Oleg Mityaev’s wife, who lost her virginity with Dzhigurda: “It’s easier for Nikita to give herself up than to explain something!”

2023-10-02 05:10:11

Nikita Dzhigurda While figure skater Marina Anisina was denying another wave of rumors about a divorce from Nikita Dzhigurda, assuring that she had been with him in Russia for two months, one of the former chosen ones of the original, screaming in a hoarse voice, suddenly appeared on television. Theater and film actress Marina Esipenko, who has been living with the bard Oleg Mityaev for the last quarter of a century, decided to openly talk about her previous long-term relationship with Dzhigurda.

Esipenko appeared in Tatiana Ustinova’s author’s program “My Hero” on the TVC channel.

– In my opinion, more incompatible people than you and Dzhigurda do not exist in nature. Clear antipodes. And you and he were messing around for quite a long time. For what? So did you fall in love or didn’t know your worth? – such a squiggle was given to Marina by the master of the detective genre Ustinova.

“Yes, yes, “I didn’t know the price,” the actress sighed. – This is exactly what teacher Lyudmila Stavskaya said about our relationship with Nikita in the second year (a Siberian from Omsk, Esipenko, and a Kiev resident, Dzhigurda, studied together at the Shchukin School in Moscow). Lyudmila Vladimirovna convinced me: “Drop him! Why do you need him? Who are you and who is he?

Marina was angered by such words. She slammed the door and ran out of the classroom. And the wise teacher soon apologized to her for her tactlessness.

It was Dzhigurda who made Marina a woman, taught her sex tricks and introduced her to Mityaev

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Esipenko will definitely not die from modesty. According to her, Dzhigurda graduated from the legendary “Pike” only thanks to her patronage:

“Twice Nikita was expelled, and twice I made sure that they stayed,” she told Ustinova. – He got everyone. I told our teacher Marina Panteleeva: “If Dzhigurda leaves, then I will leave too.” As a result, Nikita was left on the course.

Then came women’s revelations and details of relationships:

– Why [я с ним встречалась]? Firstly, we lived in a hostel. Secondly, Nikita did not give me a pass. It’s easier for him to give in than to explain something. First there was romance, the very first relationship in life, the very first man… It was only then that the torment began.

And here’s what Dzhigurda himself told Express Gazeta about this same matter several years ago:

– We met in 1983 upon admission, when Esipenko answered our master Evgeny Simonov with the question “Why did you come to the theater university?” answered directly: “To become a brilliant actress!” It was different from what others were saying and I knew right away that she would be mine! Unpainted, independent, proud, a real Siberian. I boarded her! Marina turned out to be the only virgin in my life. I never touched them – neither before nor after – because I am a very responsible comrade. But I couldn’t resist Esipenko. Our master Simonov told me that if it weren’t for me, Marinka would have been quickly expelled from the university: at first she behaved wildly – such a desperate chaste, but very real!

Marina and Oleg have been happily married for a quarter of a century. Their daughter Daria is already 23 years old

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Spiritual “Kama Sutra”

Their relationship lasted for 11 years. According to Esipenko, suffering with Dzhigurda helped her become a dramatic actress:

– All suffering is for the benefit of the profession. But when I fell madly in love with Oleg Mityaev, and it was spring, I couldn’t play a tragedy and couldn’t cry in front of the audience.

The bard first saw Marina in the play of her native Vakhtangov Theater “Princess Turandot”.

– It turns out. Good! She blew me away. And of course, many songs have been written about our relationship. At first they were secret, then forbidden, then secret again. Apparently, fate turned my whole life upside down so that I could write,” said Oleg Grigorievich in the same TV show.

After parting with Dzhigurda, Marina settled in a communal apartment on the Garden Ring.

– A black cat lived with her… The song “Summer is a little life” is just about Marina’s communal apartment. Of course, she is my muse,” Mityaev smiles.

When she just started secretly dating the married Oleg, Esipenko began writing letters to him “on the table.”

Nikita licked Anisina to pieces in every sense)

– I wrote letters to him and put them at his locker. I gave it to him when he returned,” the actress explained.

By the way, Mityaev, according to her, turned out to be dry to compliments:

– Oleg talks about our feelings in his songs, but in life he is a closed person. You won’t get nice words from him.

In 2000, the couple had a daughter, Daria. And Nikita Dzhigurda married twice more, and to the same woman – Olympic champion in figure skating Marina Anisina. But he cannot forget Esipenko. Said:

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– It was I who introduced her to Mityaev. This happened when we had already broken up. Oleg owes me a box of champagne for raising him such a woman! And I am very grateful to her for the fact that she was in my destiny. When we parted, I told Esipenko that there was no need to be afraid of esotericism and the fact that I was going on a 20-day fast. I just wanted to comprehend what the great Pythagoras, Plato, and Socrates comprehended. Esipenko begged me to stop doing all this, they say, from the evil one, from Satan. Those around her were buzzing the same thing. Marina was afraid of our conversations like fire, but I captivated my current wife Anisina with this flight and the actions of the spiritual “Kama Sutra”!

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