Senwei Energy’s international layout! The first phase of Vietnam’s green power development is expected to be 200MW

2023-10-02 03:34:15

Senwei Energy (6806) has an international presence and signed an investment agreement with Japan’s CHUGOKU Electric Power Company and Vietnam’s renewable energy developer (BB Power Holdings, referred to as BBPH) to jointly invest in Vietnam’s renewable energy power plant. The first phase will exceed 200 MW. , fully participate in the international green energy power development layout, and serve as the best backing for Taiwanese companies’ global overseas green power supply.

Senwei Energy’s international layout, the first phase of green power development in Vietnam is expected to be 200MW.Picture/Senwei

In addition, Senwei also established Singapore Baowei Marine Engineering two years ago to build an international fleet and maritime engineering team. Taiwan is subject to the influence of the northeast monsoon, and the offshore wind power construction period is only half a year. Maritime engineering must be internationalized. In order to extend the scale of Taiwan’s offshore wind power market and undertake the huge maritime engineering business opportunities of hundreds of billions of dollars around the world, Senwei Energy 2021 In 2006, we jointly established “Singapore Baowei Marine Engineering Company” with the Singapore Marine Engineering Team.

Senwei gained control after completing its capital injection this year and spent tens of billions to build an international fleet. In addition to cultivating outstanding young people in Taiwan, Senwei also organized employees from Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc. It is the first local offshore wind power team to form its own international maritime engineering team and international fleet owner, which is an important step for Taiwan’s local wind power industry to become an international professional team.

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Hu Huisen, general manager of Senwei Energy, pointed out that renewable energy is a service industry, and the service industry must be internationalized. In order to develop overseas renewable energy business, Senwei Energy has joined hands with international strategic partners to invest in overseas clean energy projects. Last year, it also went to Japan with CHUGOKU Electric Power Oceania develops Fiji’s wind power renewable energy market and opens up global renewable energy business opportunities.

Recently, on the morning of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the three parties participated in a local development project in Vietnam through joint investment and shareholding with a well-known Vietnamese developer (BBPH). Among them, Senwei Energy holds 35%, Japan’s CHUGOKU Electric Power holds 35%, and Vietnamese developers hold 30%. The three parties signed an investment contract in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on September 29 to confirm the cooperation structure. BBPH is a subsidiary of Vietnam BB Group and has accumulated nearly 1GW of operation and management experience. Covering various green energy power technologies such as hydropower, solar power and wind power.

Vietnam is currently one of the countries in Asia that has joined the most complete global foreign trade agreements, including CPTPP, EVFTA, and RCEP, and has preferential tariffs with major countries around the world. In recent years, Taiwan’s manufacturing industry has increased its investment and establishment of factories in Vietnam. Taiwan is currently jumping into the It has become the fourth largest investor in Vietnam, second only to South Korea, Singapore and Japan.

Senwei Energy’s first-half EPS is 0.61 yuan and plans to issue a three-year CB cap of 3 billion yuan

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The Vietnamese government published the “2050 National Climate Change Strategy” in 2022, promising to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. This year, it approved the “Eighth National Strategic Plan for National Power Development”. To achieve the goal, the green energy industry has become Vietnam’s next step. A key project in the first phase. In addition, US President Biden visited Vietnam on September 10, declaring that the relationship between the two countries has been upgraded to a “comprehensive strategic partnership” and strengthening economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. The development of Vietnam’s green energy industry has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life, and the demand for green power has become an urgent need for Taiwanese businessmen. and important issue.

In order to provide the green power needed by local Taiwanese businessmen in Vietnam, the board of directors of Senwei Energy recently approved a new investment in renewable energy projects in Vietnam, and jointly invested in overseas clean energy projects with strategic partners Japan’s CHUGOKU Electric Power and Vietnam Developers (BBPH) to expand Overseas deployment creates higher investment returns for the company, giving back to shareholders and revenue contribution.

According to official estimates, Vietnam’s solar potential is approximately 963GW (approximately 837,400MW on the ground, approximately 77,400MW on the water surface, and approximately 48,200MW on rooftops). From now to 2030, the total capacity of solar power generation is expected to increase by 4,100MW; in 2050, the total installed capacity will be 168,594-189,294MW, and the power generation capacity will be 25.21-29.15 billion kWh.

In 2030, the onshore wind power capacity will reach 21,880MW and the offshore wind power capacity will be about 6,000MW. With the rapid development of technology and reasonable electricity prices and transmission costs, the scale may be further expanded. In 2050, the offshore wind power capacity is expected to be 70,000-91,500MW.

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