Olga Buzova made a New Year’s confession (video)

On December 30, TV presenter, singer and actress Olga Buzova published a video with funny voice acting on her page on the social network, in which she sums up the outgoing year.

“Well, I didn’t die, it’s already good. I didn’t sleep, although I could have. But still no. Didn’t kill anyone. She didn’t lose weight, of course, but she didn’t get better either. Okay, I got better, but not much. And thanks for that.”

In the video, Buzova pleases the eye with her festive outfit: she is in a sparkling black dress with an open belly, with bright festive makeup, a modest hairstyle and massive black flower-shaped earrings.

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Recall that the day before, the TV presenter attended the premiere of a new domestic comedy “Self-Irony of Fate”, in which she played the role of Galya – the bride of Zhenya Lukashin.

Olga appeared at the premiere in a short blue dress and a black jacket. Decorated her neck replica of the “Heart of the Ocean” diamond from James Cameron’s Titanic.

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