Olischar ad Heumarkt: Verbal sweeping shows the complete helplessness of the Viennese SPÖ

2023-08-27 09:02:16

Unworthy posse continues – where are the viable solutions to preserve world heritage?

Vienna (OTS) “The verbal sweeping of the President of the State Parliament Ernst Woller shows the massive helplessness that has meanwhile spread among the Viennese SPÖ. Another episode in connection with this undignified farce about the world cultural heritage,” said the planning spokeswoman for the Vienna People’s Party, municipal councilor Elisabeth Olischar in view of the report in the daily newspaper “Kurier”.

Thus, on the part of Woller, above all UNESCO AND ICOMOS are unobjectively attacked, heaped with allegations and ultimately the responsibility for one’s own failure is shifted onto others. It was clear from the start what was possible with this project and what wasn’t.

“Instead of just polemicizing, Woller should rather sit down with his comrades and finally work on viable solutions in order to comply with the rules of the game that have been in force since day 1, which are necessary for the preservation of world cultural heritage. Such behavior, as practiced by Woller, has the opposite effect,” concludes Olischar.​

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