Olivia Munn’s baby speaks Vietnamese

The son of actress, model and TV star Olivia Munn (Iron Man 2, X-Men: Apocalypse, Stories of the Walking Dead) and comedian John Mulaney met his first birthday on the ocean. Children should always get the very best.

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While walking along the beach with his parents, baby Malcolm decided to diversify his diet – after breast milk, anyone will be drawn to meat. He spotted a shell with an appetizing mollusk and clung to it not like a child. There was a crunch – the boy bit off a piece of the sash. Mom Olivia was frightened, but instantly pulled a piece out of the tomboy’s lips.

“We are now in an era where he puts everything in his mouth,” complained 42-year-old Mann.

Mom was seriously scared when the son put a shell in his mouth

The first overseas trip in his life, and without this incident, Malcolm went sideways, and in the literal sense. Having screwed up the birthday cake, the poor fellow toiled all night and the next day with his tummy.

On the first birthday, Olivia and John spoiled the heir with a cake and pleased him one hundred percent

The proud mother shared the first three words her son uttered. It’s good that it’s not one word of three letters, but where can the poor fellow listen to the living Russian spoken language! Malcolm said: dada (like “father”), then cho (“dog” in Vietnamese), then car – “car”. And the fourth word, Olivia believes, will not be “mother”, but “hey”.

Photo source: Social networks, Legion-Media

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