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“OMG! I love you so much..wrong rhythm”, the latest movie ‘Waiting’ Mantic ‘Ki Mai’ from GDH.

by archyde

GDH together with Hello Filmmaker and iSM Bangkok proudly present the movie ‘Raw’ Mantic ‘Koi’ Medy ‘OMG! I love you so much..wrong timing’ which is the story of two people with chemistry But God doesn’t understand. The director’s work.skinThe first story of Phong-Thitipong Kerdthongthawee, a famous music video director. Hundreds of millions of views and is also the first movie of Phra-Nang, a new couple. Sky-Wongrawee Nateethorn and June-Plernpitchaya Komalachun join Peach-Pachara Chirathivat, Ploy Horwang, Punpun Yeeeee, Ta Siwat, Michael Pew, Mei Naphasanan and Lek Wasu

OMG! I love you so much..wrong timing When Guy is single, June has a boyfriend, June breaks up, Body has a boyfriend, Guy breaks up, June has a boyfriend. The love rhythm of two people who seem like God is always bullying at the wrong place at the wrong time. trying to quit But I can always move on in a circle Until finally..he decides I’m going to try and fight with God for a moment!

Pong Thitipong The director revealed, “OMG! I love you so much..wrong timing.skinthat I was inspired by Really important people around me in my life, whether it’s my sister, my first supervisor, my friends at work, or my friends from school, who put the story in this movie. Tell the story of a man who likes someone who has a boyfriend. and always waiting for the moment when it will be his time But that moment never arrived. like a god bullying without hope And this is considered my first movie. I would like to thank P’Keng, P.Wan and GDH for giving them the opportunity, as well as thanking the team. All the actors who work hard and have fun together make OMG! I love you so much..wrong timing It’s a rhythmic love movie. Because everyone gathered in this movie on October 27th, please encourage us. in the cinema.”

‘OMG! I love you so much..wrong rhythm’ Wait for the moment..In theaters on October 27

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