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Among the basics of scientific research: it is abstraction, methodology, and objectivity. as a philosophy. Observation, experiment, and measurement. As a study, he did.

Scientific facts need not satisfy any of us. Astronomers are not required to consider religious sentiments about whether or not the Earth revolves around the sun. Scientists research, study, experiment, and then publish. The fact that the facts do not agree with some axioms does not mean that we should contradict the facts.
For example:
Tell the religious that the universe originated from a smaller part of the atom..and the universe expanded from it, and is still expanding..you find it agrees with you, or does not contradict.
Tell about the presence of microorganisms that cause harm, and benefits.. He will not have a problem.
If you tell the fact that human beings have a common ancestor with some animals. Or that we evolved from primitive beings. Here and only you’ll find him transforming into a frothy, frothy monster. And threatens, vows!
Their logic here will stand! It would be a purely emotional area:
You are the descendants of monkeys, monkey. Who would be willing to be the grandson of apes!
You will not find any of them who oppose the theory of evolution because he studied it and published research that refutes the theory. You will not find him rejecting it because it is not supported by evidence; The evidence, and the inductions are very abundant.
You will not find one of them rejecting it because he is a real researcher for the origin of life. He need not study, scrutinize; Religious books gave him an easy meal in this regard!

In the sense that religious people are not motivated by a love of knowledge, or by the strength of scientific observation.. Rather, their motives are purely religious. Judgments, and texts keep them from thinking!
They will accept anything no matter how irrational if it agrees with their beliefs, or at least does not contradict them. And vice versa:
You will find him irrationally opposed to anything as long as it is inconsistent with what he believes in. He will not bother to research or refute it.. he will only reject it for religious reasons and only!

In fact, this is not new. Throughout history, many scientific theories have been prohibited, from denying the centrality of the Earth… to prohibiting tomatoes, tea, and coffee…!

Unfortunately, even articles and scientific studies that reject some scientific theories and facts for religious motives. We found religious Arabs to cite them. They are nothing but the product of the writings of religious Europeans!
That is, there is no real Arab product, even in patching, fallacy, and even refutation!

This article is a snack to stimulate thinking.. We have another meeting, in an upcoming article. Be well.

Think with your minds, love with your hearts, and do not sanctify anything.

The painting of the trial of Galileo Galilei

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Louay Azazi

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