On-site reconstruction of events: The Strépy-Bracquegnies drama

At rue des Canadiens, the police presence is significant as the area has been cordoned off by 7:30 pm. Witnesses and victims, totalling a hundred in number, will observe the re-enactment of the incident from the sports hall. The entire event will be recorded and broadcasted from the same location. Besides, the judicial police, lab experts, automobile expert, defense lawyers, and civil parties are also present at Strépy.

Frank Discepoli, the lawyer of Paolo Falzone, expressed his views on the reconstruction of the case. He stated that the investigating judge had invited them to witness a part of the accident’s re-enactment. However, she was not very specific about the expectations from Monsieur Falzone. The precise location, sitting arrangement, or placement of Falzone behind the wheel was not clear to him either, and he hopes that everything will be clear soon.

For the re-enactment to be accurate, the replenishment is done in the evening to match the lighting conditions of the time of the incident. It should be noted that the incident had taken place around 5 am.

A year after the unfortunate occurrence that claimed six lives and injured many, this is a significant stride towards further investigation. A press conference regarding the re-enactment will be held tomorrow at 11 am.

On the spot, at the rue des Canadiens, the police force is important. By 7:30 p.m. the area was cordoned off. The hundred witnesses and victims present that day will watch the re-enactment from the sports hall. Everything will be filmed and broadcast in this place. The judicial police, the lab experts, the automobile expert, the defense lawyers and civil parties are also present at Strépy…

Frank Discepoli, lawyer for Paolo Falzone, explains to our microphone: “The investigating judge invited us to be present today to reconstruct a small part of the facts. Not all of them. When I asked the investigating judge to explain to us in a a little more specific about what she was expecting, especially from Monsieur Falzone – Where is he going to have to sit? Are we going to put him back behind the wheel? – she said to us ‘you’ll see in time wanted’. I hope things will come out in a clear way, but it’s a surprise for me too”.

Replenishment takes place in the evening so that the lighting is similar. As a reminder, the facts had taken place around 5 am.

One year after the accident which claimed the lives of 6 people and left many injured, it is therefore an important step in the investigation which will take place this evening. A press conference floor about this re-enactment will be held at 11 o’clock tomorrow.

The re-enactment at Strépy has marked an important milestone in the investigation of the tragic accident that claimed the lives of six people and left many injured. The presence of the judicial police, the lab experts, and the defense lawyers highlights the gravity of the situation. With everything filmed and broadcasted, the hundred witnesses and victims present at the sports hall will be able to watch closely. The press conference tomorrow will bring more clarity to this investigation, and we hope that justice will be served for the victims and their families.

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