On the night of the wedding… a bride breathed her last after her groom did this to her on the bed for three hours straight! (exciting details)

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In a crime that shook public opinion, a young man killed his bride, days before their wedding, by inflicting 83 separate blows on her body.

The groom, named “Alexander Voronin,” 26, who is the son of a former senior KGB officer, assaulted his bride, Marina Pankratova.

The 26-year-old left her on the bed with horrific wounds, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Star”.

Bride Pankratova was found half-naked after the Voronin attack, which lasted three hours, and according to court evidence in Moscow,

The bride’s face was severely deformed and the skull fractured due to something unknown, possibly in the leg of a chair or the head of a sharp axe.

Her torso and limbs were also covered with wounds, some of which were from punches and kicks. After killing his bride, Voronin tried to escape abroad but was stopped due to epidemic travel restrictions.

But after his mother found the bride who was preparing for her wedding, which was supposed to take place within days, the groom was sentenced to fourteen and a half years in prison.

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