Once again the election of the dean in Medicine fell

As on Monday and after a 48-hour intermission, the election of the dean in the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of La Plata was postponed again and uncertainty continues.

The cloisters of heads of Practical and Graduate Works did not appear and once again the requirement to start the voting was not met.

It should be noted that the election foresees a first call (which was on Monday) for which the 16 members of the academic council must be present: the seven professors, a non-teaching representative, the five students and three graduates. If the quorum is not reached, a second meeting must be called 48 hours later (yesterday), where all the faculty must be seated.

Since that did not happen, there will be a third meeting where the Council meets with a simple majority of its members. The same will take place next Good Friday at 9. To be re-elected, Juan Basualdo Farjat needs 11 votes, two-thirds of the board of directors.

According to article 81 of the UNLP Statute, the dean will last four years in his functions, he must be Argentine, be over 30 years of age and be or have been an ordinary or extraordinary professor of the Faculty. “Apparently the students of Remediar (Peronism) will give Basualdo re-election,” they told Hoy newspaper from the University Convergence group, winner of the graduate elections.

“We are going to meet on Friday. This is established in article 102 of the statute. We are going to continue to comply with what the statute says,” Basualdo told this medium.

Other faculties

In the Psychology case, María Cristina Piro was elected dean with a unanimous vote; and Ana Julia Ramírez was re-elected Dean for Humanities for the period 2022-2026.

The other houses of studies that already have deans for the next four years are: Marcelo Pecoraro in Veterinary Sciences; Gabriel Lazo in Dentistry; Amalia Meza in Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences; Eduardo De Giusti in Economic Sciences; Marcelo Naiouf in Computer Science; and Marcos Actis in Engineering. In addition, the architect Gustavo Páez was elected as dean of the Faculty of Architecture. Páez’s nomination was accompanied by 15 of 16 members of the Board of Directors.

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