One person injured and 20 homes damaged due to a severe explosion in Antwerp.

The number of damaged homes from the violent explosion in Antwerp on the night of Saturday to Sunday has been increased from 15 to 20 by the police. The explosion occurred near Franklin Roosevelt Square around 3:00 am, with one person slightly injured due to glass shattering. At least four streets have been affected, with broken glass being the main issue. However, the suspected targeted residence suffered significant damage, including a blown door and damaged windows, requiring firefighters to carry out shoring work. Five cars were also damaged. According to spokesperson Wouter Bruyns, the police believe the incident is drug-related. A large security perimeter was established, with the army’s explosive device removal and destruction service (Sedee) also present. Firefighters continued their clearing operation on Sunday morning, while around 10 evacuated residents will be allowed to return home once the operation and investigation are complete.

The violent explosion in Antwerp on the night of Saturday to Sunday damaged more homes than initially estimated. The police increased the number of damaged homes from 15 to 20. The explosion took place around 3:00 am in the vicinity of Franklin Roosevelt Square. One person was slightly injured due to shards of glass. The damage concerns at least 20 houses in four streets, but it is above all a question of broken glass. The residence which is suspected of having been the target of the explosion, on the other hand, suffered more damage: the door was blown, the windows were damaged and the firefighters had to intervene to carry out shoring work. Five vehicles were also damaged.

Police suspect the incident is drug-related, although no leads have been ruled out, according to spokesman Wouter Bruyns. A wide security perimeter was established and the laboratory, as well as the service of removal and destruction of explosive devices (Sedee) of the army descended on the scene.

Firefighters continued their clearing intervention Sunday morning. Once this operation and the reading of the clues have been completed, around ten inhabitants who had been evacuated will be able to return to their homes.

The investigation into the Antwerp explosion is ongoing, with police suspecting a drug-related incident. The damage to homes and vehicles was greater than initially estimated, but no serious injuries were reported. Firefighters worked diligently to clear the scene and allow evacuated residents to return home. We will continue to monitor any updates on this incident as they become available.

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