One Piece Chapter 1047 Prediction: Luffy vs Kaido Battle Interrupted Again by CPO

PR BEKASI – As reported, One Piece Chapter 1047 will not be released this Sunday.

However One Piece Chapter 1047 will be re-released on April 24, 2022.

This time will provide predictions for One Piece Chapter 1047 reported from Devdiscourse.

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where on One Piece Chapter 1047 it is predicted that the battle Luffy vs Kaido may be disturbed again by CPO.

Of One Piece Chapter 1047 will describe the epic battle between Luffy and Kaido.

Ally Luffy also ready to save Onigashima from the Flower Capital.

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Fans will see if Momonosuke can save the Flower Capital from the Onigashima clash, as we’ve seen in One Piece Chapter 1029.

When Momonasuke could speak in the voice of a giant elephant Zunishahe probably asked her to carry the Island on his back.

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