One step away from knowing the winner of the V Educational Program of Cuídateplus

The fifth edition of the CuídatePlus Health Education Program for children, in collaboration with the Viatris Foundation, is entering its final stretch.

This year, 5th and 6th grade students from 38 public and private schools in the Community of Madrid have participated., who during this course have been trained in food, oral health, physical exercise, technology and hygiene and safety. As a final project of the program, the participating students have sent the videos they have made to the CuídatePlus newsroomin which they communicated everything they had learned from the experts who gave the workshops.

Total, 26 videos have been received, among which the projects aimed at the food category have stood out, followed by hygiene and safety (as it is a topic focused on first aid and prevention measures against Covid-19). From all of them, the jury will select a winner in each of the five categories (food, oral health, physical exercise, technology and hygiene and safety).

The award consists of a delivery of diplomas to all the winning students, which will take place at the Ramiro de Maeztu School, and a visit to the facilities and recording studios of Unidad Editorial, so that the students know first-hand how a television and radio program is made.

Education from childhood

Of all the projects presented, the jury has valued the originality of the contents and the formats in which each of the projects have been exhibited.

For the collaborators of the program, this type of initiative is key to the future of children. “In education, the most difficult thing is behavior modification”, he explains to CuídatePlus Ana Isabel Cortinas, member of the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid. ú “If you inculcate a bad habit from childhood, it is very difficult to change it in the future, that is why it is important to educate in health from schools”.

In the same line Javier Anituadirector of the Viatris Foundation for Health, points out that “The best way to promote health is to create healthy habits that prevent chronic pathologies in the future, and doing it from childhood is the best option and the best time to do it”.

As for the students’ final project, Cortinas believes that “It is a very enriching activity for children, since they learn to communicatethrough different forms and means of communication, everything they have learned during the workshops”.

The rest of the jury was made up of Gerardo Riquelme, Deputy Brand Director; Mar de Vicente, Advertising Director of the Editorial Unit; Mar Sevilla, Health content coordinator for the Editorial Unit; Rosario Serrano, Business Director of the Editorial Unit’s Health Area; Yanela Clavoeditor at Radio Marca, and Yolanda López, director of operations at Unidad Editorial.

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