OneNote for Windows will get Copilot and more in November

2023-11-01 17:36:29

OneNote gained new features during the month of October, including new tools for taking notes, taking handwritten notes and even drawing. Now, in November, the application will have Copilot integrated, according to Greg MacEachern, product manager on the OneNote team. To make things easier, we have listed here all the details about the new features gained by OneNote.

New OneNote features in October and November 2023

New features coming to OneNote in October and November 2023. Source: Microsoft

Improved pen and gesture support

With improved support for the use of pens and gestures, users can select the “Draw” tab to customize the way they write or edit their notes using a touchscreen device. There is also the option of gestures to facilitate actions while using the pen.

Using pen in the OneNote application. Source: Microsoft

Writing prediction

Just like Word and Outlook, OneNote is also getting faster text writing predictions. This means you can make quick edits while taking notes, completing the sentence with words you were already thinking about writing. These writing predictions appear as a “shadow” and are entered by pressing the “Tab” key or the “right arrow” key.

New layout option with vertical tabs

It’s been a while since the vertical tabs option arrived in OneNote for some users, but now it’s being made available to everyone.

New vertical tabbed layout in OneNote. Source: Microsoft

Copilot no OneNote

In November, OneNote will integrate with Copilot, facilitating the organization of ideas and improving creativity through artificial intelligence.

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Viewing videos within the text

OneNote will soon allow users to watch Stream videos (in SharePoint) within OneNote without having to switch to another application.

What features are already possible to use in OneNote?

According to Microsoft, OneNote already offers the following features in OneNote to the general public:

Using a pen on touchscreens Draw + gestures features (Microsoft 365 subscription only) Predictive text (Microsoft 365 subscription only) New layout options View videos within the app

In which version of OneNote are the new features present?

According to Microsoft, the new OneNote updates are only present in OneNote in Microsoft 365. The “OneNote for Windows 10” application will no longer be updated with new features.

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