Ongoing marches and gatherings in the center – 2024-02-24 19:54:33

After the farmers, today the beekeepers, doctors and nurses and students are taking the “baton” of the mobilizations. From 08:00 in the morning, beekeepers demonstrate in the center of Athens, carrying out a pan-Hellenic mobilization. The gathered are now opposite the monument of the Unknown Soldier with smoking pipes in their hands.

Students and teachers are currently in Propylaia where people are constantly flocking to the planned protest rally against the establishment of private universities. The University is closed.

Also, from 08:30 in the center of Athens, the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees (POEDIN) is carrying out a pan-Hellenic health mobilization. Also, there will be a work stoppage in Attica until 3 p.m. and a 24-hour strike in the region with a nationwide gathering in Mavili Square, as well as the “Salvation March of Public Health – Welfare – EKAB” to the Ministry of Health. The traffic on the descent of Vas. Sophia is carried out by only two lanes, as a result of which the traffic of cars is carried out with delays. One lane of traffic on Amalia Avenue is also closed.

Hospital workers are currently outside the Ministry of Health. The health workers are demanding wage increases, staff recruitment and the permanence of contract workers, while at the same time they categorically oppose the operation of paid surgeries in the afternoon.

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