Only 15 minutes after the wedding night… the death of a bride because of what the groom did was unexpected and shocked all the doctors.!! (exciting details)

A bride died 15 minutes after her wedding ceremony in Denmark, due to a brain tumor she was suffering from.

It is reported that Lou Thulin Simonsen, 41, was diagnosed with the disease two years ago.

At that time, she was in a relationship with the man from London, 49-year-old Shav Prapatani, for ten years, and all these years she dreamed of organizing a wedding for them. The woman’s eyesight gradually deteriorated, and she suffered from a headache.

Doctors said she had no more than two years to live. As a result, the lover decided to fulfill the main desire of his hopeless lover and officially offered her to marry.

Last August, the couple had a wedding ceremony, but fifteen minutes after the ceremony ended, the bride died.

The widowed husband set up a small library on a street near his house and named it after his deceased wife, in her memory, saying: “She always said that reading takes her to another world, even when she was in her worst condition.”

He asserts that before the fatal illness of his lover, the man categorically refused to marry and considered it a mere formality, according to what the newspaper “Metro” reported.

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