Oops: Suddenly Fortuna Thioune is in the mood for the Bundesliga! | Sports

Everyone is talking about ascension. Except for Fortuna himself – but slowly the club has tasted blood…

In the past few weeks, the opposing coaches (and also BILD) have repeatedly treated Düsseldorf as a candidate for promotion.

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Completely incomprehensible for coach Daniel Thioune (48), after the 2-1 win against Paderborn he was even annoyed by it: “If we’re not one thing, then we’re a promotion favorite – and we don’t belong either.” But that sounds a little different now on.

Oops and oops – suddenly Thioune is in the mood for promotion too!

Fortuna in Sandhausen (6.30 p.m. / Sky) wants to celebrate the fourth win in the fourth competitive game on Friday. Thioune: “We want to keep working on our winning streak, but we have to do a lot for that. I’m glad that we can handle tours so well now.”

And that’s why Fortuna is also very popular when it comes to promotion. Last season Düsseldorf gave up eight points under Thioune in the final phase, now his team has managed to lead in all games over time – and rightly receives praise from the competition. Thioune: “There is an expectation among some that we will be at the top for a long time. That is what drives us!”

What was annoying two weeks ago now suddenly makes Fortuna even more excited about the ascent.

More and more euphoria can also be felt among the fans – because Fortuna under Thioune is not just a flash in the pan, but has been convincing for 16 competitive games (league point average 2.0): “I will definitely not slow down this euphoria, that’s also a merit of our overall development in the club. Something is growing together here.”

And that’s why Thioune is apparently resigned to being one of the favorites for promotion…

Sandhausen shouldn’t become a stumbling block – although Thioune also shows himself to be a real fan of the club. “I find the model very exciting. Many deal with Sandhausen disrespectfully. But what happened there is something special. The maximum is achieved with few resources. That’s why I’m really looking forward to this task.”

Above all, however, that his opponent Alois Schwarz (55) talks him into the promotion race next after a Fortuna victory…

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