OPAP supports women’s sports “today and every day”

Powerful message from five female athletes for International Women’s Day

“Support every day.” This is the resounding message for International Women’s Day, sent by five athletes, who have by their side the OPAP.

THE Evina Maltsisone of the top athletes who wore the jersey of the National Basketball Team, the Katerina Sotirioucaptain of the National Basketball Team, h Corina Politischampion of the 200 and 400 meters and OPAP Champion, n Athena Papafotiouvolleyball player of Panathinaikos AO, and Sophia Kogoulisplayer of the National Football Team, stress that women’s sports need support every day and not just once a year, on March 8.

Their message is put into practice through him OPAPwho stands by women’s sports “today and every day”. OPAP practically supports, as their Sponsor, the National Women’s Basketball and Football Teams, all the women’s teams of Panathinaikos AO, the athletes of SEGAS and the OPAP Champions.

Watch the video:


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