Opportunity to view ancient books and manuscripts at the International Book Fair

Abu Dhabi | Visitors to the International Book Fair will have the opportunity to see first-hand the collection of rare books and manuscripts of antiquity. As part of the Book Fair, the French Library is hosting an exhibition of old and rare books in Clover. This is Christoph Overman’s second time attending the fair. He added that this year’s exhibition includes a book of rare birds worth about 11 million dirhams from 1550. Daniel Crouch, from Daniel Crouch Rear Books, said the fair was a valuable opportunity to meet with leading institutions and book collectors in the region. This is the third time Daniel Crouch has attended the Rare Books Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, he added.

The Duchas include approximately 53 valuables, including a globe worth 95 million dirhams created by Vincenzo Coronelli in 1688, a Royal Yacht Queen Victoria’s chart worth 5 million dirhams from Victoria, and 1888 Abu Dhabi harbor photographs from the royal yacht Albert II. .

നിArthur Sobolewski, from the Polish Dom Emissijni Manuscript, said his company was displaying a rare book signed by Leonardo Divinci, owned by Love Bill Gates and valued at US $ 500 million. He added that his company had produced 200 copies of the rare manuscripts at this year’s fair, each worth 45,000 dirhams. Olivier Pingle, of Le Prince Art Consultancy in Sharjah, said this was their second time participating in an exhibition of rare books from 1508 to 1931.

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