Organic farm shop in Kirchdorf: 683 euros for the needy in South Sudan

The customers of the organic farmer’s shop in Kirchdorf have been supporting the “MiakWadang” project in Sudan for many years.

CHURCH VILLAGE. Many projects have already been realized with the donations from the organic farmers’ shop customers in Kirchdorf. This time, 683.52 euros were collected in a jar next to the till. Urgently needed seeds are bought with it.

Think out of the box

Andrea Kastinger from Biobauernladen Kremstal says: “We are pleased to be part of the Miakwadang network together with our customers. This regular broadening of our horizons is good for us and makes it clear to us that despite some changes and challenges, the we have to solve, goes very well and lets us pause for a moment in the current “moaning” and rearrange the values. I like the diverse approach of Miakwadang, which with agriculture, health, economy, education, community, art and culture all areas of life responsive.”

Herbert Bronnenmayer from MiakWadang: “Thank you for the years of support. Many areas of work such as sign language school, children’s clubs, music and cultural center, student sponsorship and mentoring, women’s cooperatives, trauma support, agriculture, environmental campaigns, emergency aid, corona education, refugee assistance and others more could be developed with it”.

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