The high price of the 95-octane gasoline plate is 8,000 pounds, diesel oil is 9,000 pounds, and gas is 4,000 pounds

The General Directorate of Petroleum of the Ministry of Energy and Water issued a new table for fuel prices. The price of 95-octane gasoline increased by 8,000 Lebanese pounds, and 98-octane by 9,000 pounds, and the price of a bottle of gas increased by 4,000 pounds, while the price of diesel fuel decreased by 9,000 Lebanese pounds.

The prices of liquid fuels are as follows:

A can of 95-octane petrol: 799,000 pounds.

A can of 98-octane petrol: 817,000 pounds.

Diesel fuel plate: 848,000 pounds.

Gas bottle: 451,000 pounds.

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