“Orlando Drought Update: Latest Rainfall Deficit and Forecast”

2023-05-12 04:51:00

edgar: honestly I amperplexed because rains are coming,rains come, but I countiriana that we continue withsevere conditions.iriana: we need a little morefive inches of rainbut we don’t want all of it eitherat the same time becausecan cause floodingsudden, but anywayforms we are going to have a littletomorrow and a little on Saturday,but it won’t be enough foreradicate this drought.the international airport oforlando should have alittle more than 11 inchesrain and it has not been there.we are scoring 5.81.we have this deficit of more thanfive inches ofrainfall and rain monitorseqia that is updated everyThursday is still showingmoderate drought.the rain that we need so muchis absent at this time.see the radar images,as the precipitations alreadyceased. it was not there this afternoonwhen they are very strongaffected sectors towardswest orange county.hail the size of awe are going to wake up tomorrowwith some isolated hazeuntil 9:00 in the morning,so be very careful,drivers.again some stormswill develop between3:00 and 8:00 p.m. dueto the shock of sea breeze.for tomorrow the driversYou’re going to see reduced visibility.I would not rule out that evenlet’s see that cloud banklow.the heat continues for the endof the week, mother’s day,but I bring you more informationthat if we will have rain atgo back.

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