Our cancer research

To be effective against cancer, it is necessary to implement a therapeutic arsenal combining different types of treatment. Our research teams are developing increasingly sophisticated molecules capable of directly attacking and destroying cancer cells (molecular oncology), or of exploiting the full power of the immune system (immuno-oncology) to support the mechanisms of self-defense of the patient in the face of illness.

In recent years, immunotherapy has revolutionized the management of some of the most aggressive cancers such as metastatic melanoma, lung cancer or certain leukemias (blood cancer). But not all patients respond to current immunotherapies. Our researchers are exploring several promising avenues for the immune system to attack cancer cells more effectively and for future cancer treatments to benefit the greatest number of patients.

Our molecules in development aim to activate the tumor microenvironment in order to induce a pro-inflammatory response, reduce the immuno-suppression mechanism set up by tumor cells, recruit and activate key cells of the immune system, to eradicate tumor while limiting side effects.

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