Out of Control Dad Calls Himself Jesus…When a 5-year-old girl “sawed off her right leg” in front of a 5-year-old girl, the mother was scared, but “left her daughter and ran by herself” | International | CTWANT

Shannon Cox, a 48-year-old man in Arkansas, USA, in front of his 5-year-old daughter at home a few days ago, claimed to be Jesus like a madman, then picked up an electric saw and sawed himself in front of his daughter. The legs of such a young child are frightened by witnessing everything. The wife found out beforehand that her husband was not quite right, but she chose to leave her daughter and run away by herself, which also caused discussion. The out-of-control dad was later charged with first-degree endangerment of child welfare.

The incident happened in August of this year. The local police said that they first received a report and went to the scene to find that Cox was lying naked in front of the house, blood stained at the scene, and his right leg was obviously cut off. , and when Cox was asked by the police what happened to his leg, he just said calmly: “Sawed off,” without seeming to feel pain or shock.

The man lost control and cut off his right leg with an electric saw in front of his daughter. (Figure / schematic diagram, taken from pixabay)

Wife Sandy Michelle Cox said afterwards that the day before she found out that her husband had amputated her right leg, she suddenly became very strange, saying that she was Jesus, then Satan, and threatened to kill her. She turned her head down, so frightened that she ran away without her daughter. Later, the police asked, since they wanted to flee, why didn’t they take their daughter with them? Sandy said lightly, because she felt that her husband should not hurt her daughter. The 5-year-old girl later confessed to the police that she had witnessed the process of her father amputating her own leg, and was extremely frightened.

At present, the outrageous parents are both charged with the crime of endangering the welfare of children in the first degree. The two have each paid a bail of USD 10,000 (about NTD 310,000) and were released on bail. The 5-year-old daughter was temporarily placed in the local social welfare agency. The case is expected to go to trial in the middle of next month.

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