Overcoming Cystic Acne: The Inspiring Journey of TikTok Millionaire Courtney Jones

2023-12-14 07:50:16

Jones, a 21-year-old British woman, was bullied because of her rosy face. (Picture/reproduced from TikTok)

Courtney Jones, a 21-year-old British woman, suffers from cystic acne, a form of hormonal imbalance. She has suffered from peer bullying and interpersonal setbacks since the age of 15 due to acne as large as “bad pizza”. Fortunately, after six years of dark life, she finally found an effective medicine to control acne, and by sharing her anti-acne journey, she became a millionaire TikTok internet celebrity.

Jones said through TikTok that after she developed acne at the age of 15, people often asked her to buy facial cleansers and creams to cleanse, but cystic acne cannot be cured by this method, and because her face was big, red and swollen, The acne would fester and bleed, and I was called “pizza face” at school and bullied because of the acne. “People who have never had it simply don’t understand how frustrating and exhausting cystic acne can be.”

Jones’ acne gradually subsided after taking the medication. (Picture/reproduced from TikTok)

Jones explained that she spent a long time trying countless products to cleanse her face, but to no avail, and did not even want to leave the house to avoid being stared at and bullied. Fortunately, a dermatologist prescribed vitamin A acid medication in May this year, and combined with appropriate skin care products and sunscreen, the condition of my face was finally significantly improved.

Jones’ skin condition improved significantly after taking the medication. (Picture/reproduced from TikTok)

She posted the difference before and after use on TikTok. It can be seen that although there are still some red spots on her face, her skin condition has recovered by nearly 90%. Therefore, despite the side effects of dry skin and nosebleeds, Jones is still quite satisfied with the results. She also shared her makeup experience, “It is very important to remove makeup correctly, otherwise you will get more acne. You also need to find cosmetics that suit your skin condition, otherwise it will make acne worse.”

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