Pa Lorerte | Chapter 14 – S2

Dany takes advantage of the fact that she is alone with Miranda to claim her for ruining her date with Mauricio.

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The toy business begins to bear fruit, as Jorge (Manuel Sarmiento), Toño (Pitty Camacho), Lorenzo (Variel Sanchez), Dany (Juliette Pardau) and Octavio receive their first consignment of a sale.

Dany claims Miranda for getting into her relationship with Mauricio (Sebastian Martinez) and have ruined their romantic date.

Given the situation, Miranda tells Mauricio that Dany made him a show of jealousy. So the designer decides to talk to his girlfriend to clarify the situation.

Miranda will not remain with her arms crossed and proposes to Lorenzo to win back Dany so that she can be with Mauricio.

Toño is moved to read the letters that his friends, with much love, gave him.


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