Pain for Saudi even in victory; Goalkeeper’s knee hit his face, Shahrani seriously injured- Yasser Al Sahrani | Argentina vs Saudi

Lusail – Teammate Yasser Al Shahrani was seriously injured in a collision with Saudi Arabian goalkeeper Mohammad Al Uwais during the match against Argentina in the World Cup. In the second half of the match, Uwaisi’s knee hit Shahrani in the face while defending the ball that came inside the Saudi box.

According to the report, Shahrani’s jaw and bone on the left side of the face were fractured due to the impact. Further examination revealed internal bleeding. According to the report, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has instructed to take the actor to Germany in a private jet as he needs an emergency surgery.

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia won a legendary victory against Argentina. Saudi lost 2-1 against Argentina, who reached 36 matches unbeaten in international football. A public holiday has been declared in Saudi Arabia today to celebrate the victory against the giants of the football world. It is a holiday for all educational institutions in the government-private sectors.

English Summary: FIFA WC: Saudi Arabia’s Yasser Al Sahrani flown to Germany for surgery after horrific injury vs Argentina

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